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Do you have a Thanksgiving page or website?
Is your page about the pilgrims, or early America?
Then this is the ring you want to be in - come on and join!! All of the sites in this ring, are about the Thanksgiving celebration!!


Please remember that when you submit your site to the ring, this does not automatically add you to this ring; only to the Queue List. You must then email the ringmaster to be added to the ring. After you have been added to the ring, you should be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page. Until you've been added, not all of your links for the ring will work.

*Special Note* If your site has not been moved from the Queue List to the actual ring within 14 DAYS after the date on which you applied, it will automatically be deleted from the Queue List.

You MUST right click on the ring graphic below and save it to your own computer, and upload it to your website's server. If the Ring Manager finds a site that is linking to the graphic on her server here at Geocities, it will cause that site to be immediately removed from the ring.

The Ring Manager retains FULL AUTHORITY regarding this ring. Sites that no longer comply with the rules will be removed.

Rules and Guidelines for Joining this SiteRing

The page submitted MUST be dedicated to or about the Thanksgiving holiday.

This Webring DOES NOT accept business sites into the ring. However, we will accept charitable, or non-profit types of sites into the Ring.

The site should have good content and be easy to read.

There CAN NOT be any broken links or graphics. There is no adult material (i.e. pornography, swearing, links, etc.) or promotion of illegal activities. This is a family fun ring!!!

The code for the ring will be placed on the page whose URL you submit.

The page that you put the ring code on, will be the page that is listed with this ring. This is so that people who are surfing the ring don't have to search for it to continue on with the ring. If you place the html code for this ring on a "ring" type of page, there must be a visible link upon the page, to your MAIN THANKSGIVING WEBSITE.

The graphic for this ring MUST be saved on your own site's server, and WILL NOT be altered in any way.

The html code fragment for this ring WILL NOT be altered in any way.

After you have added your site to the queue (by pressing the SUBMIT button below) you will then be taken to another page with a copy of your ring code upon it. Copy that entire html code fragment, and then paste it into your own page's html code in an appropriate place, and on the page whose URL you submitted. Make sure you save the ring graphic to your computer by right clicking on it! The RingManager WILL NOT email the code or the graphic to you.

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