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The Happy Halloween NetRing was created on October 27, 1998 in the interest of Children everywhere, and the fun Trick-or-Treat, Dress-Up Holiday we all know as Halloween.

As the Webring Manager for this ring, I promise to do my best to provide all visitors to The Happy Halloween Webring, with Child-Safe/Friendly, Family Oriented Sites that they can feel comfortable visiting and exploring.

I check each site thoroughly, before it is added to the Webring. I periodically check each site in the ring, throughout the month to ensure that they are still KID FRIENDLY. I cannot and will not be responsible for what other people place on their pages. The best I can do is check periodically to try and be sure that the members of this ring do not have any links that may land a child in an undesirable location on the web. I would like to encourage Parents to still monitor their children's web surfing though, as they may still encounter a link that can lead them somewhere unappropriate. Parents have to be responsible for their own children, so although I've tried to provide a "safe haven" - children still should be supervised while on the Internet. I will not accept any responsibility for where your child surfs to, off of another person's page or site.

Are you interested in becoming a Member of The Happy Halloween NetRing?? If so, I want you to know, that we would love to have you as a member within our ring!! There are a few Rules that we all go by here though, that you'll have to obey also if you would like to be a Member.

Please Read Them Very Carefully

Rules and Guidelines for Joining this NetRing

1. The page submitted must be dedicated to or about Halloween.

2. The page where the ring fragment and graphic are placed, MUST be G-Rated. In other words, 100% SAFE for children ages 12 and under to visit. This includes - but is not limited to - graphics, content, words and links.

(Pages that don't fall under this category can take a hike, there are plenty of other Halloween rings for you to apply for. I want to create a VERY kid-friendly and safe type of ring for the little ones to enjoy for Halloween.)

3. The page submitted will have GOOD CONTENT and be easy to read.

(This DOES NOT mean 2 or 3 graphics and a few words - I really do want GOOD CONTENT. Any page displaying horror type graphics, content or links will be deleted immediately from the ring or queue without question.)

4. There WILL NOT be any broken links or graphics.

5. There is absolutely no adult material (i.e. pornography, swearing, links, etc.) or promotion of illegal activities.

6. The code for the ring will be placed on the page whose URL you submit, and will not be altered in any way, shape or form without my prior consent. Displaying independent creativity is for your page and how you fix it up, not the ring code. It is for uniformity - not sudden change - seperating yourself from the other members of the ring. The "creativity" part of this ring, is choosing which graphic from the ones below, that you want to use.

(The page that you put the ring code on, will be the page that is listed with this ring. This is so that people who are surfing the ring don't have to search for it to continue on with the ring. I do not specify that you can't put it on a Webrings Page - that is fine - but the page it is on has to be the one registered with the ring.)

7. The graphic for this ring MUST be saved on your own site's server, and WILL NOT be altered in any way.

8. As the Manager for this ring, I retain the right to limit the number of sites in The Happy Halloween Ring at any given point in time.

Join the Happy Halloween NetRing Here!

After you have added your site to the queue (by pressing the SUBMIT button above), you will then travel to a page with your ring code. Copy it, and then paste it into your site's html code in an appropriate place, and on the page whose URL you submitted.

Make sure you save the ring graphic to your own server by right clicking on it!

The Webring Manager WILL NOT email the code or the graphic to you.

After you add the webring code to your site, it should look like this:

The Happy Halloween SiteRing
This Happy Halloween SiteRing Belongs To Webrings For Fun.

Important Information

Remember - submitting your site, does not automatically add you to the ring; only to the queue. Once the Webring Manager reviews your site, then she will decide whether or not to add your site to the ring. After you have been added to the ring, you should be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page. Until you've been added, not all of your links for the ring will work.

*Special Note* If your site is not moved from the queue to the actual webring within 7 DAYS after the date on which you applied, it will automatically be deleted from the queue.

You MUST right click on the ring graphic above and save it to your own site's server. If the Webring Manager finds a site that is linking to the graphic on any other server, or if she finds that the graphic has been altered in any way, it will cause that site to be removed from the ring immediately and without question.

The Webring Manager retains FULL AUTHORITY regarding this webring and makes the decisions as to what sites may be added or removed from the ring. Sites that no longer comply with the rules will be removed. Any website or homepage may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Webring Manager.

Here are several other graphics that you can choose from to use at your site. There are a few with different color schemes and graphics, so that you could choose which would look best on your page.

b-hwr2.gif b-hwr3.gif
b-hwr4.gif b-hwr5.gif
b-hwr6.gif b-hwr7.gif
b-hwr8.gif b-hwr9.gif
b-hwr10.gif b-hwr11.gif
(This Graphic Is Animated)

  • If you are already part of the Happy Halloween NetRing, and need to edit your site information, such as adding keywords and a description, changing your URL or e-mail address, then enter your site ID and password below.

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